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Imagine standing in the middle of a lush forest, moist with dew drops from the rain, and laced with the scent of sweet, freshly baked cherry pie wafting through the air. Yup, that’s pretty much what Cherry-5 CBD Hemp Flower feels like. With its rich earthy flavor profile made even more delectable with sugary hints of cherry, this supreme strain is sure to make your mouth water.

The Cherry-5 CBD Hemp Flower Experience

The Cherry-5 CBD Hemp Flower is the perfect choice for those who want the savory, strong bitterness of earthy flavors mixed together with high notes of crystallized sweetness. This organic strain is grown and harvested following strict protocol to make sure you get nothing but the best flavors with each drag.

With its unique combination of strong tastes and smells, the Cherry-5 experience is one that will involve all your senses. The earthy undertones lay the foundation for a strong woody, moss flavor with a slight gasoline finish. Towards the end of your hit, feel the trickling softness of sweet cherry rest gently on your palate, creating a starkly contrasted flavor sequence that’s a wild ride all on its own.

In terms of its effects, Cherry-5 doesn’t horse around. This delicious strain helps to boost your mood to keep you smiling through the stress. Chill down, rest, relax and let the world wait while you unwind with this stress buster. Cherry-5 also aims to help you ease the tension, dial down the anxiety, and fight away the occasional bout of the blues. With Cherry-5, life is nothing but a slice of sweet cherry pie.

Premium Quality for Your Pleasure

We don’t want to be a drag, so we make sure to send you nothing short of the finest CBD hemp flower strains, farmed and harvested organically in our own controlled environment. We follow all legal standards and regulations to give you compliant hemp strains that fall below 0.3% TCH, with a minimum CBD content of 14% to maximize your enjoyment without the unsatisfying psychoactive side effects.

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