Mitragyna Speciosa Testing & Quality

At The Golden Monk we take quality control very seriously. Learn more about how we manage the quality control process to ensure the best quality kratom to our customers.

Climate Controlled Clean Room

We use a climate controlled clean room to package and handle all of our kratom. This is an important step for maintaining cleanliness and reducing airborne particles and organisms from contaminating the product during the packaging phase.


Kratom Lab-Testing

The Golden Monk Kratom conducts 6 lab tests per 1000 kg. We are also enrolled in the American Kratom Associations GMP Participant program and will be fully approved by the end of the year. All kratom is packaged in a facility that meets GMP standards.

Click below to see some of the most recent batch of lab tests. Please note: This is a sample of tests and we may not post all tests here but try to keep it up to date. (Last page update: Sept. Dec 12th 2019)